Studies renewable energy sources

Studies renewable energy sources

Nowadays energy demands increase constantly and great amounts of energy, mainly from conventional sources, are being consumed. Energy production and use from these sources will lead to significant and obviously negative impacts on the environment.

After raising awareness about environmental problems the conviction of many people to replace at least to some extent the conventional energy sources with renewable energy sources, which are not polluting the environment and can be integrated in an environmentally friendly way, grew stronger. Our country has a great potential of renewable energy sources, which can offer a true alternative for our energy needs.

The main study subject of ARC Consultants is the protection of the environment and it therefore offers integrated services for designing power production units from renewable energy sources. For the realization of these specific energy projects we use new technologies for the exploitation of renewable energy sources such as PV-systems, hydroelectric works, wind farms, geothermic systems and biomass utilization systems.

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