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Studies thermographic analysis

Studies thermographic analysis

Thermography or else infrared photography is a method used to detect the temperatures developed on the surface of several materials. We use this method to define and interpret the temperature differences on materials and hence the whole construction in order to discover its thermal shield. Thermography does not count directly the temperature of a surface rather the change in the surface radiation.

Thermography is proved to be a helpful tool for an engineer: it can be used in new constructions to check defective works that appear very often and cannot be safely approached with bare eyes, and in already existing buildings to improve their thermal shield. Our company is able to conduct such designs and supervisions by using a camera of infrared photography irisys with the relevant software ISI 4606. In particular:

• Building thermography
• Industrial thermography
• Supervision of electric maintenance
• Supervision of mechanical maintenance
• Inspection of floor heating
• Thermographic specification of moisture
• Piping tracking and access
• Inspection of bearing overheating
• Thermal channel detection
• Inspection of pipe insulation

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