ARC Consultants was founded in Heraklion Crete and since 2002 it has started its business in the area of designing and supervising mechanical installations as sole proprietorship. Today, in the form of general partnership, the company has managed to strengthen its position in the field of electrical and mechanical installations after having participated in a significant number of supervisions and designs concerning public and private projects.

Our plans are ruled by a human-centered philosophy that focuses on safety, hygiene, functionality, natural environment protection and finally on the rather essential demand of our times, the saving and proper use of energy. 

Our company brings innovations in the field of traditional mechanical engineering by using new technologies to save energy and produce it from renewable sources, along with methods of thermographic analysis of facilities and buildings; therefore, our company contributes to the erection of low energy-consuming buildings that stand in harmony with the natural environment.

We, as consultants, believe that ecological conscience is the key to the global ecological destruction conducted nowadays by humans despite the natural recycling force of our planet mostly by creating the sense of self respect and protecting at the same time the natural living space.

Central Offices Heraklion

58 Ergotelous Str., Therissos
Heraklion Crete | ZIP 71304
Tel - fax: +30.2810.260077